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Country Style Kitchen

Whole Home Remodeling / House Flipping

If you are living in your house and want a particle or whole home update, then you are remodeling.  Although a home owning living in a house may way to update or repair some parts of the house in preparation to moving and selling their home. If you are an investor who has purchased a house with the intent to repair or update for the purpose of selling the house for profit, then you are flipping the house.  In either case, the process of repairing and remodeling is time consuming.  It requires the knowledge and skill to get the desired results. 


Brilliant Homes can help. This is what we do.  We have the knowledge, labor, and contacts needed to make this process affordable and efficient.  We can assist you with several areas including:



Sheet Rock

Kitchen Counter Replacement

Bathroom Update





We are willing to help with any repair and remodeling needs you want to undertake.  We will do small jobs or big jobs. We believe in fair and honest service.  Give us a call  for a free estimate.  

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